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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where the heck are you people??!!!

Where are you guys??? I have a feeling that all of you are abducted by the aliens or SHAMTENGGGGGGG...Updates people....I need updates yah hurd? If yah all hinding in somebody's boxers...well, get outta there will yah? *teehee save those *toot* thingies later and head to your computer and BLOG like shit...I MEAN IT! hehehehe!
I miss yah guys terribly...if yah know what I'm sayin'...

At least Jules (Lyza) has replied to my comment in her blogspot...(thanks girl)
I wonder what happen to #bi-cebu channel in MIRC? I haven't chatted on IRC for like a couplah months since the channel management feud thingie...I guess the people there are chatting like a crazy moron...*toot* here,*toot* there and *toot* everywhere...WAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Kiddin'...I miss that channel...met a lot of crazy people there and became my good friends...(you know who you are people :D)

Hafta bounce for now but I'll get my ass back here like later???!!! teehee :D


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