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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I miss the house music scene back home...

This song has been played on the radio back home like soo many times (as what I've heard...) and people are downloading it on limewire...(cheaters!) the song actually has a catchy tune and the singer sounds like bonnie bailey....the melody even reminds me of the song Everafter....*teehee. Its a remake but they made it into a house music kinda-ish... :D

click on that link to download or stream the song thingie "Selfish by Sunset Daze". Geezzz, people download too much these days...(I guess I'm included with the guilty pirates..teehee)Enjoy while it last! PAYCE!
  • Selfish by Sunset Daze

  • -------------------------------------------------

    Someone I hate, she thinks she's great....blah blah blah! I stank at singing ya'll :p

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    Saturday, March 25, 2006


    I miss home...
    I miss a lot of people...especially my friends...huhuhuhuhu!

    I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

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    Im backkkkk......*smirks


    Shocking isn't it? its been a couplah months now huh? geezzzz! oh well, what matters is im back here...blogging like a senseless blah!!! wahahahahahaha! To all the peeps who had the audacity to enter my blog before...well the bitch is back :D and I still use my old URL for my blog...heheheheh! well, my adoring public...hold on to your boxers and panties...the Vampbitch is back to pull your undies...weeeeeeeee!!!!

    I am watching you....weeeeheehehehehehehehe!

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