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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Twisted thoughts of a crazy mind...and I got it ;p

I've been in the daze for a couple of days now...always staring at this obscurely meaningless corner of my room as if waiting for a miracle to happen. Its affecting my social life...DUHH! as if I had one hehe! I mean I do have a life but from where I am standing, its pointless to point my finger at someone I can blame ( coz the other fingers are pointing back at me...as others might say ;p) thanks to you MR. BOREDOM....you are giving me a hell of a time of my life...wipeee...Imagine your life in 3D doing thesame routine over and over and over and over and over...I mean I can go on saying this "over" thingie if I have to like forever but its driving me nuts. Everyday is like a siesta but in a repeated motion...eat, sleep, drag my ass to the computer screen, play PS2, play Sims 2 and Simcity 4, go outside and check out who's the cute hottie next door ( what the??!!!), incessantly bitch and whine at someone, sputtering nonesense for the sake of conversation and constantly talking to plants so that they would grow faster...I think ehehe!

I chatted a couple of my friends back home. I was really happy to know that all of them are doing good. I didn't know that my bestbuddy, Jay is in Manila right now specifically in Q.C. According to my friend Robert Ian, he is going to study there. I dunno if its true but Im glad that he is finally THINKING about his future...at least. I was pretty much worried because he might do something stupid while I'm gone...I mean he did a couple of silly things when I was still back home but what worries me is that he will do MAJOR silly things. Its his life as what he says to me all that time but I was hoping he would direct it to a straight line not in a crooked manner. A good girlfriend of mine, Julie is pretty much bummed with her lovelife. It was nice to talk to her again since we share common interest in MEN...heheh! would love to share gorey details but I'd rather not share coz it ruins the mood ;p. I was happy when I got to hear from them since they are the only cure to my homesickness. Its just like when I get in touch with them feels like I'm home:D

So thats about it...darn...I'm still bored...

I haven't heard from my baby...I miss him...

still...and I said this once and I'll say it again...I'M BORED!!!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm soooo darn happy ^-^


Kellie Pickler is out of the competition...WEEEEE!!! I've been waiting for her to be kicked out...I guess America didnt vote for her relentlessly *giggles. Paula was really emotional over Elliot Yamin...to quote Paula "You moved me"...reeehheeeaaallllyyy? or you were just drunk at that time coz you werent coherent with your feedbacks? Simon was even confused...teehee! and for Randy, well....the usual...still doing the "dawg" thing :D



Got something to say or make something out of it?

If you do...I wouldn't care less... ;p


Over and out.....ZZZzzzzzzz

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Laughing my butt off...

As usual, nothing else to do but sit and stare at the computer screen...Oh Joy!*me says sarcastically. I aint complainin' and all but hey! the perks of havin' your own PC with an internet connection to boot is kinda wicked :D Alreyteh then...So moving along, I stumbled upon a Japanese video...This guys name is Hard Gay and he's kinda popular in Japan's local TV network. I think he is doing some kind of a fathers day special. He goes around Tokyo and ask some younglings on the street on how would they pay tribute to there fathers. Its really hilarious and I'm laughing my ass off while watching. It's not everyday that some weird Japanese dude wearing leather short pants, jacket and spikes w/ necktie would suddenly pop infront of you and ask you silly questions...Im sure it will be pretty darn embarrasing if you are not prepared for it :D

Click thisHard Gay for the video.



Hard Gay :p~

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ace got the bootie...I wonder who's next?

BUHBYE ACE! I guess I won't be seeing more of your smoldering look or the beanie hat your holding...teehee!

Ace got the bootie last week at american idol. Simon Cowell was like in a good mood coz he gave Ace a good feedback...WEIRD! Paula was like all gaga over Ace...and Randy? I dunno...I think he said "it was the bomb dawg"...WHATEVER! Ace should have been voted out last week or last last week but America was like voting relentlessly to keep there idol at bay not 'til last week, he was at the bottom three. I guess it was time for hunky Ace to go ;D So now, there's this other idol that I've been dying to get rid of...The scratches-head-playing-dumb southern belle...Kellie Pickler. Geeezz! I dunno if she's pretending to be dumb or she's REEEAAALLLLYYY dumb to begin with. She doesnt even know what a minx is! and she thought she was refered to as a coat by Simon Cowell...hehehe! that should be mink honey ;p Gawd! When she audition for american idol, I was like hey! she's cool and she can sing but naaahhhh! it blew out of proportions as the contest progress. If she changed her personality just a teensiee weenie bit, she could be great you know instead of being a dumb whatever. She doesnt even like Calamari...woptidoo...*smirks
Hi! I'm Kellie Pickler! Simon says that I'm a naughty little Minx...is that a coat? and I like to eat calamari with pickles.

EEEWWWWW! Calamari with pickles?! yechk!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Parlez vous francais anyone? what was i thinkin'?!

As usual, my day is an absolute bore. Playing PS2 doesnt ease the boredom either...GASP! PS2?! me?! wont help? I must be outta my mind right now...tsk tsk tsk! So, I rummage through the magazine pile and saw this restaurant guide...hehehe! yeah yeah..I like food...I mean everybody does teehee. The guide consist a list of restuarants according to cuisine categories like French, Italian, Continental, European, Greek and all of the riff thingies you can think of. The prices are really outrageous...not that I'm complaining and all but the REALLYYYY! it is pricey. A dinner for two would cost 2,000 smackaroos without wine? what?! I might as well have dinner at our nearest carenderia then...hehe! The restuarants have food specialities or trademark. Rifling through the pages, I encountered this french term call "foie gras". I was like okay...what the heck is a foie gras...so I drag my ass to the computer and search for it and what-do-you-know...the result frightened me to bits...okay here it goes....
foie gras (fwa gra) [Fr.,=fat liver], livers of artificially fattened geese. Ducks and chickens are also sometimes used in the making of foie gras. The birds, kept in close coops to prevent exercise, are systematically fed to the limit of their capacity. Under this treatment the livers are brought to weigh 2 or 3 lb (1.0-1.5 kg) or more. Foie gras was prized by epicures in Egypt, Greece, and Rome, but the fattening of geese for their livers became a lost art during the Middle Ages except in Strasbourg. The industry was revived in the 18th cent. following the creation of pate de foie gras by Jean Joseph Close (or Clause), a chef brought to Alsace by a French governor of the province. The pate is made by cooking fresh livers, reducing them to a paste delicately seasoned with wine and aromatics and combining it with truffles and finely chopped veal. The making of foie gras has become a famous industry of Strasbourg and of Toulouse, France. The product is exported to all parts of the world in several forms—the esteemed pate; foie gras au naturel, the plain cooked livers; a sausage; and a puree.

Ugggh! fatty livers of artificialy fattened geese??!!! geeezzz! Eating with style aint that nifty at all. Caviar aint that nifty too...yyyeecchhkk. I would rather eat Calamari...hehe!
*me laughs at Kellie Pickler for her ignorance in Calamari..HIHIHI!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The love of my vamparic life...teehee

Which Anne Rice Character from the Vampire Chronicles are you???

Lestat de LioncourtYou are the 'brat prince' or the 'damnedest creature' as Marius would put it. You disregard the rules and do your own thing and are always saving your own skin, or the skin of those you care about. You can't stand those who have no clue what is going on and you are always taking foolish risks.
Take this quiz!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Where do I start...

I feel like I want to give up but something is holding me back
As much I would try to neither think nor feel
I can't shake that awful truth
I really want to hold on...really...I want to
Every ounce of my energy is quickly draining
I don't want to give up this fight
I love you...I do...
Please give me the reason to hold on to you...I want to hold on
Please tear up these voices inside my head...I don't want to listen
If I do, it would be the biggest regret I've done
It hurts...like daggers slashing every bit of my soul...
I want to hold on...Let me hold on forever...

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I think I wanna puke myself for being sappy...

Okay okay! Im a sucker for sappy stuff...especially anime's...

I was browsing through some anime in youtube and well, I was interested at Naruto...but I was thinking I never got the chance to see the ending of Samurai X. So, my attention shifted and search for samurai x instead. When I got the result, I immediately watch it and I was really stoked :D I was like geezzzz, I get to the see the ending FINALLY! My heart was like singing in sopranos teehee. To feel the vibe on what I'm trying to point at, watch the movie that I provided...a little warning though...prepare a lot of wads of tissues coz this movie is gonna bust you to tears..COZ I DID...hehehehe...okay here goes nothing!

SEEEEEEEEE!!!! its a sad ending for the both of them...huhuhu!

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Shit for brains...

You Are 64% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

I'm not really evil ya'll... it's just a blog thingie test...but I really want world domination though...WAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This stinking feeling...

My life has never been TOO complicated...until now. I mean, I was this chillin' kinda girl with a "nevahmind attitude" and now, Im one mundane askawabee trying to seek something stupid in this crappy shit hole. There are moments when I want something done according to its designated plan and the next thing I know, WHAT THE F@#K?!!! Why is this thing happenin' to me again??!! GAWD! I just wish I would teleport myself to some other dimension and begin a new page of my life. A lot of my clicks keep tellin' me that its just natural. Everybody gets through that phase in life where you are down the slumps and you try to find answers eventhough its a complete waste lookin' for it. You would even go down on your knees and raise both your hands and ask "WHY OH WHY??!" its just like in the movies yah know...heeheh! I have been lookin' for answers...yeah I have been...some of it are partially answered and some are not. It pissess me off when this feeling rushes back again and again and again. Usually, I just stare at this huge vast of nothingness until I bore myself to death. My aunt even made an odd suggestion that I should go to a Psychiatrist??? ME??! SEE A SHRINK???!! I mean I may be a crazy person but seeing a shrink is kinda extreme dotcha think? seeing a shrink wont solve anything about my troubled self...I need to do this on my own. Although it may take a few years to pick up those broken pieces and put them all together again... at least...its worth the wait.

This is really a shit hole yah know...REALITY REALLY BITES YAH ASS :D

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just plain blahhhhhh....

Your Kissing Purity Score: 51% Pure

For you, kissing isn't a casual thing

Lip to lip action makes your heart sing

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where the heck are you people??!!!

Where are you guys??? I have a feeling that all of you are abducted by the aliens or SHAMTENGGGGGGG...Updates people....I need updates yah hurd? If yah all hinding in somebody's boxers...well, get outta there will yah? *teehee save those *toot* thingies later and head to your computer and BLOG like shit...I MEAN IT! hehehehe!
I miss yah guys terribly...if yah know what I'm sayin'...

At least Jules (Lyza) has replied to my comment in her blogspot...(thanks girl)
I wonder what happen to #bi-cebu channel in MIRC? I haven't chatted on IRC for like a couplah months since the channel management feud thingie...I guess the people there are chatting like a crazy moron...*toot* here,*toot* there and *toot* everywhere...WAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Kiddin'...I miss that channel...met a lot of crazy people there and became my good friends...(you know who you are people :D)

Hafta bounce for now but I'll get my ass back here like later???!!! teehee :D


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Got the hots on some game character ...WHAT??!! Reality check please!!!

One bodilicious bad ass game character...Dante Son of Sparta of Devil May Cry...Half Devil, Half Human...Hubba Hubba!!! WAAAH! This is totally insane!!! who cares...bleh!

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Pink is HOT :D

WEEEEEE!!! I successfully changed my blogger template... I LURVE IT!!! :D Its soooo PINK and of course its one of my favorite color..teehee! Got to add something...yah know, here and there *teehee and a flash mp3 player...just like the one I have at my friendster profile.

Enjoy the pimpiness ya'll... coz its HOT :D

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