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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spook-ish fun...I hate it when I'm scared...*teehee

Things you do for boredom...sigh...

I think my stuffed toy, Pumpkin dude is giving me the creeps. Everytime I go to sleep...I could feel his evil glare...for real! Who would freak out right? you are in this dark, sinister room (which by the way happens to be my bedroom heheh! yeah my room is kinda spooky ;p) and a stuffed toy at your bed table GLARING?! waaahhh! don't give me nightmares!

This is Pumpkin dude and he can do the cha-cha ;p

SEE!!!! he can really do the cha-cha...OLE!


That my friend is my stuffed toy...Pumpkin dude...the only toy that really freaks me out...HOOOooo boooyyyy ;p

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