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Friday, July 14, 2006

Rockstar Supernova...woohoo!

Rockstar: Supernova...new band, new contestants and a lead singer position is up for grabs. The last season was dopey well...pretty much predictable coz I know JD Fortune will win for the lead part in INXS. A filipino, Mig Ayesa made it through to the finals and he had a concert with Constantine of American Idol last year in Cebu. Wasn't able to watch but hoo well...BLAH! This seasons contestants are not that kick ass unlike the previous but hey! we will never know...they might improve or something. I have my bets :D heheh! and a big bugger...soo annoying...sorry bitch! heheh!for more FYI go to the official website Rockstar: Supernova


From left to right: Ryan Star, Dana Andrews and Josh Logan

Click here for there video
Ryan Star's performance
Dana Andrew's performance
Josh Logan's Performance

SO-SO ONE'S...but I like 'em

Left to right: Jill Gioia and Magni Asgeirsson

Click here for there video
Jill Gioia performance (in this video, Zayra Alvarez is totally pissed coz she and Jill are in the bottom three. She sang this song on the first and man! Jill can sing it better...teehee)
Zayra's Version
Magni Asgeirson's performance


Zayra Alvarez
The latin girl with goth flava...nyerk

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Click here for her video
Zayra's performance

and last...the most scarey contestant that I like to watch...eheheh! really she is scary...but what do yah know, she got an encore with this performance...hehehe!Tommy Lee wasn't able to talk...he was speechless...ehehehe!

Dilana Robichaux

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Click here for her video
Dilana's performance

For the rest of the contestants that I didn't include in my list, just go to the website Rockstar: Supernova


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