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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ace got the bootie...I wonder who's next?

BUHBYE ACE! I guess I won't be seeing more of your smoldering look or the beanie hat your holding...teehee!

Ace got the bootie last week at american idol. Simon Cowell was like in a good mood coz he gave Ace a good feedback...WEIRD! Paula was like all gaga over Ace...and Randy? I dunno...I think he said "it was the bomb dawg"...WHATEVER! Ace should have been voted out last week or last last week but America was like voting relentlessly to keep there idol at bay not 'til last week, he was at the bottom three. I guess it was time for hunky Ace to go ;D So now, there's this other idol that I've been dying to get rid of...The scratches-head-playing-dumb southern belle...Kellie Pickler. Geeezz! I dunno if she's pretending to be dumb or she's REEEAAALLLLYYY dumb to begin with. She doesnt even know what a minx is! and she thought she was refered to as a coat by Simon Cowell...hehehe! that should be mink honey ;p Gawd! When she audition for american idol, I was like hey! she's cool and she can sing but naaahhhh! it blew out of proportions as the contest progress. If she changed her personality just a teensiee weenie bit, she could be great you know instead of being a dumb whatever. She doesnt even like Calamari...woptidoo...*smirks
Hi! I'm Kellie Pickler! Simon says that I'm a naughty little Minx...is that a coat? and I like to eat calamari with pickles.

EEEWWWWW! Calamari with pickles?! yechk!

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