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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cynical twitch, Cake Serial Killer and Screaming whatevers...

I've been blogging like for 3 years and I haven't posted crazy pics of my friends and myself. It hasn't occured to me before because I might shoot myself to the roof knowing that I might humiliated myself here at the net heheh! As of this moment, I took the courage to initiate this dastardly M.O to blogging history. Warning: to those who have heart ailments and heavy chest pains, looking at these pictures is not an option to die early. They are only meant for mocking entertainment hehehe ;p

Julie: Nefarious...smile oh...the camera is aiming at us raba...HOY Cameraman!
wake up Moki oh...murag pumpboat iyang hagok!
Nefarious One: Sure sure...why not choknut! I'll just give out a peace sign owkie?
Moki! Smile pud oi! Moki! MOOOKIIIIII!!!!
Moki: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz......


JM: Nobody touches the cake but me....WALAY MANGHILABOT ANI CAKE!!! kong naay

Aldoiune: Sus oi! ngano kamo man ako kuyog diri?! mga bayot man mo!
Nefarious One: Saba diha Alds! sumbong tika Daz ron...mas bayot paka...hehe!
JM: Saba sad dira Nefarious! ay dah oi...mas gwapa pa ko ninyo tanan!

OKAYYYYY!!! thats enough mockery for one ummmm....second? heheh! To these people in the pictures...sorry to ruin your market value...HAHAHAHAHA!

Help.... :0

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