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Sunday, May 07, 2006

NIENER! NIENER!...you suck really ;p

I didn't know that there are some white gay people who are clueless about inter-racial relationships, particularly in Asia. You see, I sorta had a squabble with some gay guy who is actually fat and a total pighead. This is what he said in the forum:

Fat white gay guy: Whatever your stature in life...gay men in Asia accepts you for who you are...disregarding flaws in your physical appearance.

Me: Oh please! it's because you are "WHITE".

Fat white gay guy: So what if I'm white?!

Me: You are just saying that because you are pathetically lonely right now and pin pointing that ASIANS would accept you with open arms and no questions asked. Do you thing that Asians are dumb and gaga all over you white boys? think twice! if you were in my country, lots of gay men would think twice.

Fat white gay guy: You are such a racist...and to think you are Asian!

Me: No! I am not a racist...I am speaking hard facts here. I may be Asian but my kind will never stoop to that level...think before you say it.

Fat white gay guy: WHATEVER!

WHAT A SORE LOSER!!! hehehe ;p

I had the most interesting yet aggravating chat with some guy who is deniably GAY. Why can't he just admit that he is totally gay rather than putting up a front that he is bi-sexual...PUHLEAASSSSEEEE! I've been surrounded by people who's sexuality differs by its orientation and believe me, a constricted-mouth-agape-look-of-shock would be the last thing written all over my face. I understand why some guys are in denial about their sexuality I mean its not easy knowing what you want. I usually get this from guys who are in denial like "I mean I like women but I like guys too", "I don't know, I feel comfortable with both sexes" or YADA YADA YADA! and BLAH BLAH BLAH! Geeezzzz, if you enjoy looking men's private parts and you feel like fooling around with it or do something with it...GO AHEAD! its your choice and its not worth being in DENIAL. Suppressing it won't help in knowing what you really want...

To quote the movie Dodgeball "GRAB LIFE BY THE BALLS"...heheh ;p

"a guy declaring himself as "bi" is the lamest excuse in covering that they are gay. In life, gay,bi or lesbian, you can't have everything you want..".

You don't wanna end up like this dude over here...IN DENIAL :D TOOOOOO GAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!

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