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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Crap Crap Crap...All Crap!

I notice that some peeps at friendster are posting Surveys. Im sorta pissed at first because its all blah blah and among other bullshit but, its kinda cool if you gave it a chance. Since my friendster thingie is going up in flames coz I can't seem to see the bulletins that I posted so, I decided to put them here in my blog...CRAP!

So...just read it...blah! ;p

Is your hair up?
- yes..definitely...its soo hot!

Is your phone right beside you?
- nope...its out of my reach...BUTI NGA!

Do you miss someone?
- YES!!! I wonder who....echem! ;p

Do you wish you were somewhere else?
- crap! my social life is dwindling...

Do you have plans for tonight?
- Eat out...its my friends birthday...WEEEEEE!!!

Are you wearing makeup?
- nope...

Are you wearing chapstick?
- nope...I use Nivea lip moisturizer

Are you cold?
- no...

Are you tired?
- sorta...heheheh! too much teevo ;p

Are you excited?
- to make someone's life a living hell? OF COURSE!!!

Are you watching t.v.?
- YEAH... ;p

Are you wearing pajamas?
- Yeah...its so comfortable...WEEEEE!!!

Who's the last person you IMed?
- uhhhh? can't remember...

Who's the last person that called you?
- a friend of mine ;p HOI! no more food trippping! You guys are making FAT ;p


Recently done anything you regret?
-NO. no regrets!

Ever lied?
- of course...to get out of trouble..hehehhe ;p

Ever stuck gum under a desk?
- yeah...but that was like sooooooo 10 years ago hehehe!

Ever spit at someone?
- geez no!

Ever kick something living?
- Lotsa them but predominantly Men...Haha! too many men to kick so little time.

Ever trip over your own feet?
- yes. many times.

Ever had your nails done?
- Yeah...lotsa times but I prefer doing my own...

Ever thrown up because you cried?
- No..only when I'm DRUNK...;p


Have any plans last week?
- GEEZZZ! even my organizer is totally flooded with plans hehehee ;p

Who did you see most last week?
- a movie...ULTRA VIOLET!

Was last week interesting?
- OH YEAH! very interesting *wink


Have you cussed?
- blah!

Have you yelled at someone?
- my neighbors dog... ;p

Have you gotten mad at someone?
- not quite...

Have you cried?
- nahhh...my tear ducts are too precious...I'd rather cry over life threatening situations...heheh ;p

Have you called more than 3 people?
- yep...heheh;p walang magawa kasi!

Have you IMed more than 3 people?
- NO!

Have you shaved your legs?
- No..don't shave...heheheh! I use Veet...heheh ;p

Have you eaten anything gross?
- not yet! ahaha!

Spill Your Guts

1. First thing you did this morning?
- Scream at my neighbors... ;p

2. Last thing you ate?
- Risotto ;p heheheh!

3. Is your cell phone a piece of crap?
- Geezz NO! but I drop it a couple of times...hehehe!

4. What's something you look forward to most in
the next 6 weeks?
- Nothing to look forward too...does school ring a bell??!!!

5. What's the last movie you saw?
- Silent Hill ;p WAHAHAHAHAH!

7. Do you believe in long distance relationships?
- I'm in one right now and so far...we doing good ;p mwah mwah!

8. Do you like someone right now?
- Soo many guys so little time...WHAHAHAHAH! JOKE!

9. If yes.. then who do you like?
- Si baby...hehhehe! ;p

Wat song are you listening to now?
[x] Its you It's me by Kaskade... ;p

2. Color of the shirt you're wearing now?
[x] Pink :D

3. Now, who's on ur mind?
[x] guess who?

4. Now, what lyrics do you like so much?
[x] "You'll never know who's waiting for you, you'll never know when love is coming your way, but if tonight i look again into your eyes and its you and its me you love"...Sounds familiar????!!!

5. Where do you feel like going now?
[x] Anywhere loud...arcade maybe? heheheh!

6. What movie(in theaters) do you want to watch
[x] Still waiting for it...The Da Vinci Code...finish reading the book though ;p

7. Now, what do you want?
[x] To go back to sleep...hehhehe!

8. Current mood right now?
[x] in limbo...

9. When is your birthday?
[x] November 24...

10. what brand of jeans do you have on?

11. what kind of mobile phone do you own? model?
[x] Nokia N70 "The N Series"

12. How was your day today?
[x] I'll letcha know later...;p

1. Last time you fell in love?
[x] with an unbelievable jackass...rather disclose the name...

2. Last movie you watched? with whom?
[x] Ultraviolet..with friends

3. Last shirt you wore before the shirt you're
wearing now?
[x] Plain white shirt...

4. Last thing you held?
[x] my cellphone ;p

5. Last place you've been to.
[x] the mall ;p

6. Last dream
[x] murdering someone...heheheheheh! kiddin'!

7. Last call you received?
[x] I forgot... ;D

8. Last testimonial you got was from?
[x] Thirdy...;p

9.Last message you got in friendster was from?
[x] From Kat ;p

10. last sms you got?
[x] from a friend of mine.... ;p

11. last thing you did?
[x] playing PS2

12. last present u got?
[x] can't remember...too many of them!

13. last present you gave to someone?
[x] I can't remember... ;p got too many friends so I practically lost count ;p

14. last issue u read in the newspaper?
[x] just this morning...

1.Who's the first person you fell in love with?
[x] haha...im not sure...

2.How many boys did you like before?
[x] from since I was a kid?? Gosh...if I tell you, it would take me 48 years to enumerate...HEHEHEHHE! ;p

3.What can you say about the special person you
have now?
[x] I just love him thats all...AHAHAHAHHA! ;p sooo mushyyyyy!!!!

1. can people easily tell your mood?
[x] No...wahaha....

2. do u take long baths??
[x] yes...i take FOREVER in those....

3. do u eat veggies?
[x] yes...Im half goat...hehehhe!

4. Are you lazy?!!
[x] Kind of...

5. Playstation(1 or 2)?
[x] PS2 of course...the graphics is awesome!

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